Get a Performance Platform dashboard

This page explains how to get a dashboard on the Performance Platform.

A published dashboard is a requirement of the Digital by Default Service Standard, which all transforming services must meet. All services, whether transforming or not, need to provide data on transaction volumes every quarter.

Before you start

Please discuss your dashboard requirements with whoever will be signing off the publication of the dashboard as soon as possible.

How to get a dashboard

A standard dashboard for transactional services includes four mandatory KPIs.

  • Cost per transaction (the average cost to the government of each completed transaction)
  • User satisfaction (how satisfied users feel after completing a transaction online)
  • Completion rate (the percentage of users who complete a digital transaction once they have started it)
  • Digital take-up (percentage of all transactions which are completed using digital channels)

How to get a transactional services dashboard

To get a dashboard, email the following information to You can use the same address for further enquiries about dashboards and the Performance Platform.

Your contact details
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
Service description
  • The name of your service
  • Short description of what the service does and who its intended users are
  • URL of the service start page (and the start page on GOV.UK if this is different)

We’ll need access to the following data in a format that can be read by our database. Please send details of the data, but do not put the data itself in an email.

Digital take-up Send a completed copy of the transactions by channel spreadsheet
Cost per transaction

We will take your costs data from the transactions data collection run every quarter by GDS.

All services included in this exercise are listed on the Performance Platform’s services page.

If your service isn’t listed, email Clifford Sheppard.

If your service doesn’t have cost information, here’s how to calculate it .

User satisfaction
  • URL for your GOV.UK ‘done’ page.

You can get a ‘done’ page by clicking ‘content change’ on the GOV.UK support site. If you can’t access this, please speak to the GDS point of contact in your department.

If you capture user satisfaction in a different way please tell us and we’ll try to include it.

Completion rate

If you use Google Analytics we need:

  • View and read permissions for
  • Details of at least one goal that allows us to calculate the completion rate
  • Your View ID

Let us know if you use a different analytics provider (e.g. Webtrends, Piwik).

  • Name and email address of people who will upload the data on an ongoing basis

We can also use the digital take-up data to show transactions by channel.

If you would prefer to use our platform API to automate the upload of any data please let us know.

Once we have this information we can publish your dashboard to a non-linked, non-searchable URL.

When the dashboard is complete and signed-off, it will be made publicly available.

Keeping your dashboard up to date

You own the data in the dashboard and are responsible for maintaining its quality.

If your dashboard is supported by an API then this data will update automatically.

If your dashboard is supported by spreadsheet data you’ll need to regularly upload current data which will then automatically display in the dashboard. You do this using a GOV.UK Sign on account, which we can create/update for you.